Martindale ET5 200A AC/DC Electrical Tester

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Martindale's ET5 is a compact electrical tester that measures AC/DC voltage, resistance and AC/DC current. It will also measure frequency, continuity and will take simultaneous measurement of current/voltage and frequency/voltage. This electrical tester can be used as a non-contact voltage indicator and has auto ranging, display hold and auto power off functions.

The tester benefits from the additional features of capacitance, temperature and duty cycle. A K-type thermocouple is included which allows temperature measurements of -35°C to 500°C.

A powerful LED torch is included in one of the forks.

The ET5 is supplied with TL17 test leads, a soft carry case, 9V battery and manual.

Compatible with most of our K-type probes.


Current AC: 0.1A-200.0A, Accuracy: ±(2.0% of rdg + 10 dgt)

DC: 0.1A-200.0A, Accuracy: ± (2.0% of rdg + 5 dgt)

Voltage AC: 0.1mV-600V, Accuracy: ± (1.2% of rdg + 5 dgt)

DC: 0.1mV-600V, Accuracy: ± (0.5% of rdg + 2 dgt)

Resistance 0.1 Ω-50MΩ, ± (1% of rdg + 5 dgt)
Frequency 30Hz-400Hz, ± (0.1% of rdg + 5 dgt)
Continuity Buzzer at<30Ω
Diode Test 1mV-2V
NCV indicator 70V- 600V
Supply 9V PP3 Alkaline
Weight 200g (incl battery)
Dimensions 202 x 51 x 44 mm
Temperature -35°C-500°C
Accuracy ± 2% rdg ± 3°C
Duty Cycle 5% – 95%
Capacitance 1nF – 5mF± (3% of rdg + 5 dgt)
Includes TL17 leads, K-type thermocouple (ET5), 9V battery, case and manual
5 Items

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