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Martindale EZ150 Eze Check Xtra Earth Loop Impedance Indicator

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The EZ150 is the first socket tester that checks the wiring of 13A sockets and also gives a measurement of the earth loop impedance.

Conventional socket testers have the weakness that they only confirm that the earth is connected but they don’t indicate how safe it is. A socket with a dangerously high earth resistance could be passed as safe when using a standard check plug.

Martindale’s T-Safe™ patented technology gives safe, earth loop impedance checking within carefully selected bands, without tripping RCDs and RCBOs.

The EZ150 is an “advanced socket tester” as described by the Health & safety Executive.

  • Non-trip earth loop test
  • Voltage test
  • Socket test for open termination and correct wiring
  • T-Safe™ patented technology
  • Identifies faults other checkers can’t
2 Items

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