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PD-90 Power Duster

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PD-90 is a high powered, non-flammable, duster that delivers an extremely powerful blast of ‘air’ to instantly remove dry contamination. PD-90 is the ideal solution to cleaning dust from gas burner jets on domestic, commercial,and industrial boilers, improving burn efficiency. The powerful ‘air’ blast instantly cleans dry
contamination from fine surfaces, such as heat exchangers,  cooling fins and fans, as well as
all hard to reach areas. PD-90 is the essential tool for HVAC engineers.
• Extremely powerful dry blast, high discharge duster
• Non-Flammable
• Instantly removes dry, loose dirt and dust from hard to reach areas
• Powerful enough to force soot & debris from burner jets, heat exchangers & detectors
• Low GWP of 6


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